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    We are a customer focused team of designers, manufacturers and installers. We live, eat and breathe quality kitchens, kitchen cupboards, built in bedroom cupboards, bathroom renovations and DIY kitchen units in Pretoria. Whether your project is big or small, you should call us first, because we use top quality materials to make your dream project a reality.

    How much will my kitchen cost ?

    It depends. We offer kitchen installations to match your budget. While individual kitchens are personal and unique, they typically fall into these 5 categories. All prices are subject to a site visit and a quotation.

    Cozy Cost Saver

    Cost saving materials

    Postform tops

    Ideal for developers

    Medium Cost Saver

    Cost saving materials

    Postform or Granite Tops

    Ideal for the family home

    Medium Upmarket

    Upmarket Materials

    Granite oR Stone Tops

    Ideal for larger families

    Large Upmarket

    Upmarket Materials

    Granite or Stone Tops

    Ideal for the upmarket home

    Huge Upmarket

    Upmarket Materials

    Granite or Stone Tops

    Ideal for the kitchen connoisseur

    Awesome! Now show me some photos!

    In the kitchen cupboard industry, words are not enough. See for yourself and be inspired by our photo gallery.

    Every room deserves well-designed cabinets


    We put serious thought into the design of your dream kitchen renovation in Johannesburg. Your unique needs are important to us and we won’t squeeze you into a mould.

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    Your bedroom is a calm place where you can rest and shut down. Clutter is a thing of the past. We’ll make sure that your storage requirements of your built-in bedroom cupboards are met.

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    Our bathroom cabinets are tough and water resistant. We have the experience and workmanship to conquer any challenge.

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    Our wide range of DIY cabinets are ideal for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. Select from our catalogue and never work out a cutting list again.

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    We just love it when a plan comes together!

    Upmarket kitchen installations require precision, from design to installation.

    Our 3D design software points out design issues before we even touch the materials.

    Our beam saws cut accurately to 1/16th of a millimeter. That’s German precision for your kitchen.

    Our materials are of the highest specifications, delivering a project where your dream kitchen comes together beautifully.

    Call in the Professionals

    If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you see what an amateur costs you.

    It’s true.  Professionals may cost a little more, but their training and experience always deliver the best solution.


    Say anything to get the job
    Start late
    Use cheap tools
    Use sub-standard materials
    Offer many excuses
    In the end, a professional must finish the job


    Give the right advice
    Start and finish the job on time
    Use the right tools for the job
    Use the right materials for the job
    Deliver on their promises
    Finish the job according to spec

    Practical Design Videos

    Don’t you just adore a practical kitchen?

    We follow the leading trends in European Kitchen Design to bring the latest innovation into your home.

    Let us show you how.

    Why choose Black Pearl Kitchens?

    We have an excellent service record

    We offer 3D Kitchen Designs

    We have more than 20 years experience

    We use Top Quality materials

    We use established suppliers

    Upmarket has never been this affordable

    We use Top Quality materials

    Black Pearl Kitchens offer affordable upmarket kitchens without compromising on top quality materials to extend the lifetime of your new kitchen or bedroom cabinets.

    We are proud to introduce you to our top quality kitchens hardware & board suppliers.

    The Black Pearl Kitchens team has more than 20 years experience in the kitchen renovation industry and delivers professional service in all areas around Gauteng.


    Any questions?

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